Lemon and Thyme Restaurant is a new fine dining restaurant in the small town of Kelso, Scottish Borders. The menu offers a combination of traditional Scottish favourites and fusion dishes inspired by international flavours. 

Lemon and Thyme opened in March 2018 by Chef Piotr Dziedzic who wanted to share his passion for the simple beauty of food. Since becoming a chef in 1993, Chef Piotr had dreamed of opening his own restaurant. He envisioned a small and cosy place with 30-40 seats, and a casual yet elegant feel, and that's exactly what you see in Lemon and Thyme today.

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The menu at Lemon and Thyme is carefully prepared with fresh, local ingredients. The team are passionate about supporting local farms, food producers and suppliers in the Scottish Borders and Northumberland. 

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Lemon and Thyme also offers a range of professional quality catering services. Our restaurant space can be transformed into the perfect venue for your wedding dinner, or for any special occasion you want to celebrate in style.

If you're hosting an event at another location, we offer catering services for this too. 

Read more about our wedding and catering services here.