Piotr Dziedzic

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The Chef's Story

Piotr Dziedzic's passion for cooking began at a very young age. Born and raised in Poland, Piotr began his training at culinary school in 1993. Five years later Piotr began working at Dom Polski in Warsaw, the year the restaurant opened it's doors. Dom Polski is now one of the most renowned Polish restaurants in the city. Piotr attributes his success in becoming a chef to the years he spent working there.

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Piotr's next move took him across borders to Germany. Two years later he returned to Warsaw and became head chef in two big catering companies. With the experience gained in these roles, Piotr went on to spend the next several years as a chef on cruise ships. He became talented in planning big catering operations, enriching his knowledge and experience and fueling his passion for this niche.

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Piotr's next move took him to Cross Keys Hotel in Kelso, Scottish Borders. He envisioned spending just one year in Scotland before returning to cruise ships. However he was offered a position at Tillmouth Park Hotel and continued his journey here for 8 years.

Whilst in the position of Head Chef at Tillmouth Park, Piotr received the Golden Award for promoting local food producers and suppliers. This is the place Piotr holds closest to his heart when reflecting on his career so far.

Piotr has taken the stage at Michellin starred restaurants The Kitchin and The Castle Terrace Restaurant in Edinburgh. 

This wealth of experience, combined with inspiration from renowned chefs such as Gordon Ramsay, Tom Kitchin and Magnus Nilsson, encouraged Piotr to showcase his cuisine in a restaurant of his own.

Piotr remains passionate about large scale catering, so continues to offer these services outside of the restaurant. He loves the planning and perfection involved in creating spectacular dishes for a lot of people at one time, and this is evident in the food he serves.